About  C  Squared Ciders

C Squared Ciders is a Colorado based craft cidery, located in Penrose, CO. At C Squared Ciders, we create the highest quality ciders from the finest ingredients that appeal not only to ourselves, but to a range of craft beverage fans.

Craft is a great word to describe what we do at the cidery and one of the things we enjoy about our business. The name C Squared symbolizes our commitment to take cider making to the next level, in terms of both the mainstream acceptance of cider and what cider can become. To do this, we are combining our decades of craft brewing experience with cider/winemaking techniques to bring new flavors to the world of cider.

We use the international term “cider” to refer to our beverages, but here in America, “hard cider” is more commonly used to denote the alcoholic content. So don’t worry, there is alcohol in our ciders, and it is not for anyone under the age of 21.

C Squared Ciders supports sustainable business practices whenever possible. We keep our carbon footprint small by sourcing everything as close to home as possible. We conserve water, minimize our cleaning products and recycle everything we can. We believe in fostering community engagement through philanthropic involvement and we participate in local charitable causes.