Meet the C   Squared Team

Charles Andrew Brown (Andy)

Owner/Founder/Captain of the Ship


As a craft beer brewer for almost 20 years, I have a great appreciation for both the historical connections of my craft and the satisfaction of creating things that other people enjoy. I grew up near Portland, Maine and moved out to Colorado in 1997 to pursue a career in brewing after attending the American Brewers Guild Craft Diploma program. Prior to that I studied music at university and still foster a great connection to music through my bass playing. When not making  making the cider running things at C Squared, I am probably playing music or fixing up old cars or motorcycles. After finishing brewing school, I started out working on bottling lines and earned my way up to being head brewer for several large Colorado breweries. With much success in beer brewing and many industry awards, medals and accolades, I felt it was time to enter a new phase of my career by owning a business. While researching cider making, the rich history of cider in America started to show through the cracks of the pages I was reading. Most Americans have heard of Johnny Appleseed, but many have never tried hard cider! My interest in cider was sparked by the subtle balances of acids, tannins, fermentation and fruit that are required in making great cider; different parameters than the malt, hops and yeast of beer, but equally as interesting. For the past two years I have been planting heirloom cider apple trees on my family property in Maine and am looking forward to the day I can use the apples for cider!

Chad Hatlestad

Owner / Director of Squared


I’ve been extremely fortunate to have spent the majority of my adult life in all things craft, particularly the fermented type. In the early years, I honed my skills at breweries and wineries throughout the West where I met and worked with many of today’s leaders. That excitement continues today as I spend my days serving craft brewing in a technical supply chain role, for a well-known market leader. I earned a B.S. in Industrial Technology from the University of WI in 1990, and my Brewing Certification from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, London, UK in 1999. That educational B.S. serves as a great foundation from which I’ve built an ever-challenging career, all based around fun. Throughout my brewing travels of the US and Europe, I was always meeting apple growers, lugging juice home, pitching strange yeasts and re-inventing and pushing the boundaries of what I knew as traditional cider making. Forming a partnership with my long time comrade was as natural as fermentation itself, and C Squared was born. Leading the charge on many levels, I thrive on brand creation, marketing, and putting smiles on friendly faces while educating consumers and taking cider to the next level. I’m a World Beer Cup Winner and long time member of the Master Brewers Association of America, Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Brewers Association, U.S. Cider Makers Association and the Rocky Mountain Cider Makers Association. When I’m not working you will find me grooming cats or hanging with my better half; outside in the snow, water, dirt, or sand. I also try my best at growing cider apples, along with other botanicals for use in our ciders on my tiny urban property near Denver University.

Eric Hatlestad

Sales Manager / 1st Mate


I spend much of my time as C Squared’s Sales Manager and Social Media Guru, to say the least. I work in nearly every department as called upon, from bottling and delivery days, to guided tours and weekend festivals. Growing up in Wisconsin, I received my B.S. Degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) and spent many years in the corporate world. Soon realizing that office life just wasn’t for me, I did what any logical person would do: quit and headed west to Colorado to pursue a career in craft brewing. I ended up in Denver just in time to clean up the construction dust, and began selling C Squared Ciders on day one, July 1st, 2015. I thrive on relationship building and forming meaningful connections with C Squared's on and off premise accounts. My favorite part of the job is interacting with the eclectic bunch of C Squared customers and putting smiles on the faces of the consumer. Aside from craft beverages, my passions lie in the outdoors. I’m an avid fisherman, hunter, skier, camper, and hiker. When not spreading the joy of C Squared Ciders throughout CO, you might find me at a local punk rock show, reading a good book or roaming the Rockies.