Immortal Series

Immortals are mythical Gods, and deservedly, the creators of our Siren Series. C Squared’s Immortal Series allows us to push the boundaries of experimentation and use exotic ingredients to create new and unusual ciders. These ciders are rotating small batch or seasonal selections, pretty much anything we want to make. These creations will come and go, but you can always visit our tasting room for our latest cider. Or, get lucky and find it on draft at one of our on-premise accounts.


A true wild fermentation done in French Oak Cabernet barrels with sour Colorado grown Montmorency Cherries, for a tart and delicious unexpected twist on cider. Silver medal recipient at the 2017 GLINTCAP competition - Specialty Cider and Perry.

7% ABV




A medium-dry cider, infused with pineapple and subtle roasted green Pueblo chiles. With a hint of heat and lime in the finish, a true summer sipper.

ABV: 6.0%


Organic Ginger and Cranberries artfully blended with tart fermented cider. We “dry hop” with whole stick Sri Lankan True Cinnamon for a true winter warmer with clove and subtle citrus notes.

ABV: 5.5%

* Next release date: Jan. 14, 2017 our Annual Wassail Celebration at C Squared Ciders



Made with 500lbs of fresh Palisade peaches, this cider is fermented with wild yeast and aged 6-8 months in oak barrels. Dry, funky and loaded with peaches to pay homage to Colorado's beautiful Western Slope orchards.

ABV: 7.0%